About Us

Fairmount Wesleyan is a church with a great heritage of over 150 years of ministry in the community of Fairmount, but more importantly, is a church excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in the next 150 years! In more recent years, Fairmount Wesleyan has experienced spiritual and numerical growth. There are a passion and an excitement within the church family for fulfilling the Lord’s ministry.


Our vision for the church is that we live out our mission to…

help people love God, connect with others, and reach the world.

Therefore, our leadership strives to be prayerful in all our decisions, to have authentic worship, and to be biblically sound in our teaching.


Everything we do comes out of our core values

Others: It’s not about us.

Prayer: It’s through the Holy Spirit we live our faith in Jesus Christ.

Authenticity: It’s not about image, it’s all about grace.

Family: It’s about you and your home.

Purposeful Change: It’s a failure to risk that creates stagnation.

Fun: It’s about laughter, blessings, and praise.


When you visit Fairmount Wesleyan, we hope you’ll feel welcomed, encouraged, loved, and challenged. Our hope is if you don’t already have a home church, you will feel that Fairmount Wesleyan may be that place for you and your family.

If you want to know more about us and our Wesleyan beliefs, click here.