Adult Ministries


Small Groups

Small Groups are a great place to get connected to others in our church. Each groups eats together, prays together, learns together and does life together.

For more information on Small Groups contact Pastor Rob.

Sunday School

Sunday school classes are a place where we learn more about what the Bible teaches and how it intersects our lives. Our classes focus on either teaching through the books of the Bible or a biblical approach to a topic.

Every March, June, September, and December we begin a new offering of the books                and subjects being covered. To find out what the current offerings are, just head to the Welcome Center.

Reach the World

Maybe you’re the type of person who is thinking, “Sure Sunday school and Small Groups sound nice, but where do I get to actually serve the people in our community?” That’s awesome! Your heart is right in line with our. Throughout the year we try to reach out into our community and serve them however we can. We always have some big outreach event on the horizon with many other opportunities to serve.

If you want to get involved check out our Welcome Center!

Other Ministries

Throughout the year we offer other opportunities to grow deeper in your love for God. Visiting the Welcome Center is a great way to see the latest listings of Bible studies, prayer services, and other ministries.