College Ministries

We are so excited that you’ve decided to make Fairmount Wesleyan your home church away from home! Our hope is that while you’re here you truly feel like part of our church family. For information on our College Small Group, grab a flyer from our Welcome Center or check out our Facebook page.

Activities and Outings

A couple of times a year our college group goes out and just has fun. Whether that is going out putt-putting or laser tagging, shopping, or visiting a bed and breakfast owned by one of our members. We understand the stress of college and want you to be able to get away from that and relax.

Other ministries

We really want you to be able to get connected within the church. We don’t offer all of our ministries with a special college-aged focus for this reason. If you’re looking for a Sunday school class or a Bible study, feel free to join any that we offer. All the information you need is in our Welcome Center!