Weekly News 6/24/2019

Today, Monday, June 24th, head over to the Marion Texas Roadhouse between 4p-8p for Dine to Donate. Make sure you have this flyer, paper or electronic, to help raise money for upcoming Youth Events. Ignite Student Ministry will receive 10% of your pretax bill. 

We are currently in the process of switching our database system. This means that our Children’s Check-In on Sunday morning will look different. Please do not be afraid to ask questions, our Kids Life volunteers will help out in any way. 

We’re looking for some skilled volunteers to help with a handful of projects. If you have construction skills or some crafting skills, please let us know by contacting the office. 

Throughout the summer, we will be having Intentional Discipleship Classes starting at 9a. Click Here to check out what we have to offer. There will be NO 9a worship service.

Starting now and until July 14th, we will only be having our 10:30a Worship Service at the Church and The Branch Venue. There will be no 9a worship service.

If your child plans on attending Kids Camp this Summer and would like to earn money towards it, please contact Pastor Nick for more details. 

Sign up forms for Kids Camp are available on the Kids Life information wall located in the Welcome Area. The cost of the camp is now $200.